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I have loved the holidays for as long as I can remember.  Every season holds special memories for me.  Birthday mornings, July 4th parties, decorating outdoors for Halloween night, Thanksgiving dinner with friends that are more like family, and decorating the family Christmas tree with my kids are some of the happiest times of my life.  There isn't a holiday that passes that isn't celebrated and our home isn't embellished with charming and unique decor. 
I began Holidays At Your Home a decade ago because of my love of these special times of the year and the holiday decorating that comes along with them.  I spend all year studying decor trends, checking what new baubles and ribbons are available,  and learning new techniques to ensure that Holidays At Your Home can provide its clients with the most quality, up-to-date, and delightful decor.  Getting to incorporate all I have learned and my own creative abilities makes this job joyful.  I like to think that Holidays At Your Home helps spread the magic of the season.    

Erin Rector
Holidays At Your Home
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